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True Advice

What do we mean by "true advice"?

Now more than ever, you don’t know where to get true advice. Sounds simple but the internet will show you at the top those who are paying the most money for advertisement. Logic tells you that those who pay the top dollars are trying to buy the clientele they do not have. In City-Agent we are upfront, we have a fee for our work and that’s it. Beyond that, we roll up our sleeves and get to work for you. We don’t accept any type of reward or kickbacks. What we give you is raw, unadulterated, unbiased advice with only your benefit in mind. Our hidden agenda is our clients. The advice we give you is the fruit of our local knowledge, vast research, and experience. Your interest is our interest, as simple as that.

Why "a friend" in every city?

Our goal is to be able to offer a friend in each city. Since the moment you think of moving you can reach out to a City Agent and we will take the role of a great and informed host. We will tell you about our neighborhoods, find you a place to live, give you recommendations of moving companies, professionals, doctors, handymen, nannies,  but more importantly, answer the difficult questions you have. We do what a good friend would, hold you by the hand, and not let you go until you are transformed into a local.

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Let's Take Your Transition to the Next Level

Organized and Efficient

I have used City Agent and specifically Agent Annette to help move my family and my business to Miami. I would highly recommend it for anyone moving here.

Barbara B.

South Beach, Miami FL 

Flexible and Committed

What an amazing service!!!! Thank you Annette!!! Without you I would be lost!!!

Maddison M. 

Madrid, Spain

Creative & Resourceful

Extremely grateful I found the City Agent team. They helped me with every detail in my move and helping relocate my entire family. Thank you! 

Karen L.

Pinecrest, FL

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