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City-Agent was born of a real need. The need for people who are relocating to have access to fast reliable and accurate information from locals. When you are moving with your family or even alone, it’s not the time to be bombarded with marketing ads, and tainted information.


The concept of City-Agent emerged while I was writing for, a site created by the New York times to give local information on different cities. While creating content for Miami, I got many emails from people around the US and the world relocating or just visiting the city. They welcomed information that I was privy to just by living in the city. I soon became aware that even in this informational age, there exists a need for unbiased sincere information that people can really rely upon.


A couple of years later, while dabbing in the field of real estate, I saw the same need from my clients. They needed lawyers, accountants, doctors and just general information from a city insider.


City-agent was conceived with the mission of offering people a soft landing experience.


Our agents, all local insiders, will grab you by the hand and show you the City’s short cuts and hidden gems at no cost to you. They will give you reliable information from their experience as locals and the cumulative information placed on our data bank. You will have our assurance that the information you obtain will be unrelated to any add, payment, or marketing. We offer people to people help and sincere advice. How do we make our money? Simple, you buy or rent property from us when you relocate. The agents who help you will end up making a well-deserved commission for their help. That’s our promise, that’s our commitment.

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Organized and Efficient

I have used City Agent and specifically Agent Annette to help move my family and my business to Miami. I would highly recommend it for anyone moving here.

Barbara B.

South Beach, Miami FL 

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