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What Can We Do For You?

Personal Support

From the first moment you pick up the phone and call City-Agent you will feel you have acquired a friend in your destination city.  Our goal is for that City-Agent to become a trusted person, a household name for you and your family. She will be the go-to person answering any doubts or questions. She will gain your trust because you will see over and over she has your back. 

Customer Assistance 

We will detail a City-Agent to you.  She will be available to you 12 hours a day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm easter time. You will be able to text her, call her, or email her. Your City-Agent will be your friend. Any questions are valid, and your privacy will be protected.  Our answers will be direct and truthful. If we don't know something we will find out for you.

Logistical Management

Once you are convinced of our value you will gain access to our full arsenal of resources, knowledge, contacts, and technical support. We will walk you virtually through neighborhoods, homes, schools, bars, and restaurants. Our goal is that you experience life in the city before you even set foot in it.  We will share the local secrets, the hidden gems that would take you years to learn.

Education Transition

We will provide you the inside scoop on schools and the educational system in your city of choice. Not only do we have a vast network of contacts, but we will show you what schools really excel and which are not worth your time. Public and private, charter and magnet, we will pull strings for you and offer you exclusive details few have access to.

Medical & Legal Transition

Having access to quality medical and legal professionals is a vital component for any big move. We have sourced a network of top-shelf doctors and attorneys you will have access to immediately. A great majority of qualified and reputable professionals in these areas rely on referrals, and therefore you

will not see a great deal of advertising for them on the internet because they don’t need to advertise. Again no quid pro quo, just solid truthful advice.

Turning You Into A Local

Once you move to your new city, we help you and your family fuse into your new community. We won’t let you go until all your questions are answered and you have a solid network of people and places that make you feel safe and comfortable. We will always be by your side for guidance and advice because we honor the role of your first friend in now what has become "our city".

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